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Social Media Management

Social Media is key to your marketing plan regularly keeping customers up to date with latest news & offers at the right time & in the right way.

Social Media is the driving force behind your marketing, this is how people will find you and be introduced to your business. Facebook especially allows you to engage with new & existing customers in a number of different & varied ways however it needs to be done in the right way and the right times.

Many people are far too busy to consistently manage their social media and if its not consistent then it will not work, that's why using someone like us works.

How do we manage your Social Media?  

We manage the day to day running of your pages, this includes...

  • - Initial Consultation
  • - Page Review & Updates
  • - Daily Page Posts which relate to your Venue
  • - Offers & Events
  • - Interaction with Followers
  • - Monthly Competitions
  • - Campaign Monitoring 
  • - Full Reporting & Statistics 

Additional Must have Tools we use...

  • - Social WiFi - We install a Social WiFi system which allows your customers to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Form. Using these methods we are able to capture their Social profile which includes Name, Gender, Date of Birth which allows us to run targeting Email Campaigns.
  • - Website Events Calendar - We have developed a Calendar which features on your website (example) which is directly linked to your Facebook page and syncs with all your future and past events.

In addition to this we are able to run targeted marketing campaigns which allow us to select set criteria based on target market to get in front of the right people at the right time and in the right places. Some of the criteria we use are...

  • - Target people based on postcode or area within 1km or more
  • - People by Gender
  • - Parents of Children of certain age groups
  • - Friends of people who have a Birthday coming up
  • - People who have a Birthday coming up
  • - Based on what people like such as Sunday Dinners, Pizza or people who have a general interest in Food & Drink
  • - People who are Facebook Page Admins 
  • - Relationship Based such as Just Engaged, Single, Divorced, Married or have an Anniversary coming up
  • - Students & Universities

& many many more depending on your target market.