Go Ad-Pods

GO Ad Advertising Pods send notifications 24/7 to android devices from anywhere! go Guerrilla in all the places where your customers hang out!

About The Go-Ad Pod

The matchbox size Go-Ad Pod is ultra light weight, portable, battery operated and waterproof.

The Go-Ad Pod enables you to send out unlimited notification messages and website URL’s to nearby Bluetooth enabled Android Smartphones and Tablets within a 100m radius.

The device has a battery life of approximately 2 years with continuous 24 hour a day usage.

The Go-Ad Pod is one tenth the size of our previous pods as well as being 95% cheaper to buy…….this is why we say the Go-Ad Pod is a quantum leap forward for our industry. 

For more information & to Buy Pods please visit our Go Ad Pod website - www.gomobilemarketing.co.uk 

Use Cases

Because of the Ad-pod Nano’s size, waterproof casing, ease of management and cost, it gives you so many opportunities to be creative with how you use it. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Use it at your business premises
    By placing an Go-Ad Pod at each of your business locations you are ensuring that anyone who walks past your location day or night with a compatible nearby bluetooth enabled android phone receives your website link right in their notification panel.
  2. Place it in all your vehicles
    Effortlessly turn all of your companies vehicles into a traffic driver towards your social media or ecommerce store 24 hours a day. From being stuck in traffic to parked up in a busy city centre your vehicles are now promoting your business.
  3. Location share with other local companies
    Reach out to business owners you know in your town or city and agree to take one of their pods in return they take one of yours. This highly effective trade allows you both to increase the geographical area that your business is now being promoted 24/7.
  4. Portable Free Roaming
    Whether you keep a pod in your laptop bag or put them in the hands of promotional staff at events like exhibitions, outdoor gigs or sporting events the Go-Ad Pod takes up virtually no room and requires you to do nothing. It will just go about its business quietly and powerfully contacts hundreds if not thousands of phones within a 100m radius.
  5. Go Guerrilla
    For the first time ever thanks to the pods size, battery life, waterproof case and most importantly its throw away price!! You can now get creative with your marketing and go Gorilla in all the places where your customers hang out!


Features and functionality

  • - 100m Bluetooth Sending Range
  • - Unlimited Message Sending
  • - Ultra Small & Light Weight
  • - Battery Life Up to 2 years
  • - Waterproof IP67 rated
  • - Both Android Smartphone & Tablet Compatible
  • - Send Text Notifications / Website URL’s & Social Media Links
  • - Works 24 hours a day until the battery needs replacing
  • - Cloud Based Remote Management Software
  • - Realtime Analytics
  • - Unlimited Device Management
  • - Multi User Capability


 For more information & to Buy Pods please visit our Go Ad Pod website - www.gomobilemarketing.co.uk